Springtime, sunshine, snorkeling, & scallops. Seriously.

So I went snorkeling last weekend. “Oh, you must have gone to a tropical destination where people snorkel,” you might be thinking. But you’d be wrong. I snorkeled in Alaska. In March.

You know, I never really thought I would some day move to Alaska, but then I did. Once I moved to Alaska, I never thought I would get a summer job guiding snorkeling tours. Then I did. Once I moved to Alaska and got a summer job guiding snorkeling tours, I never thought I would get into the water in Alaska once the summer was over. Then March 23, 2014 happened, and I did.

A little background for you here- Once upon a time last summer, fate brought me to the doorstep of Snorkel Alaska searching for a job. The summer cruise ship season had a little over two months left when I completed the drive from Indiana to Ketchikan in late July of 2013. I wanted to find a full time guiding job, but at that point in the season, I thought my chances were slim. Then my handsome boatmate, Rob (boatmate is like roommate but I just put boat instead of room…see what I did there?) mentioned that he knew the guy who owned Snorkel Alaska and that he was looking for another guide. Snorkeling in Alaska? “That sounds weird” I thought. I had gone swimming in Alaska before, but by swimming I mean I jumped in the water then swam to the dock really fast to get out. I’m a certified diver but my diving experience was limited to the warm Caribbean. Doing it in Alaska, though? Again, sounds weird. But it did sound pretty cool and definitely adventurous and I like cool and adventurous so I decided to give it a go! I spent nearly everyday of the next two months in the water and as it turns out, it WAS cool and adventurous. In fact, I liked it so much that I plan on doing it all over again this summer!

Back to the story…Fred, the guy who owns Snorkel Alaska, invited Rob and I to go out snorkeling for scallops last weekend. The stars must have aligned or something because Rob actually had the day off AND it was gorgeous outside so we said, “Heck yeah!” We ventured out in Fred’s boat to our chosen site and hopped in. Both the air temperature and water temperature were in the lower 40s. On a side note- in my time here, I’ve gathered that most things people do for fun in Alaska involve harvesting food, even if it means going to crazy lengths (i.e. getting into 40 degree water) to do so. All in all, we ended up with 11 scallops thanks to Fred and Rob. Admittedly, I didn’t find any but it was an awesome day nonetheless and totally worth it just to be out in the sunshine!

Polar vortex? Not in Alaska!

Polar vortex? Not in Alaska!

Though I didn’t actually find any of the scallops myself, I DID help to eat them. Once Rob and I got home, we decided on the simplicity of sautéing them in butter and lemon juice then topped them with a dash of wasabi. And they were DELICIOUS. Rob said it was the best thing he’d eaten in a long time which is saying a lot. Or it could just be saying that he hates my cooking since that is mostly what he had previously eaten for a long time. Hmm…

If you’ve never seen a scallop, here’s what a cooler full of them looks like.

Catch of the day!

Catch of the day!

Here’s what an artsy picture of a scallop looks like.


Once your pry them open and take out most of the orange goop, you’re left with the edible part!

Spoiler alert! It's a scallop.

Out of the shell and ready to be cooked!

Out of the shell and ready to be cooked!

Thanks to Fred for the awesome day! Can’t wait to do it again!

Stay tuned for GoPro footage of last weekend and future dives. I’m trying to reteach myself how to use iMovie. This could be a while.

Until next time, float on friends



4 responses

    • You probably stayed a lot warmer getting yours though! It was my first time eating scallops…delicious! We went snorkeling again last week and got some abalone. They have a similar taste but are a lot more of a hassle to cook. I think I like the scallops better. Thanks for reading!


  1. I love your scallop photos! We’re heading to Thorne Bay (NW of Ketchikan) in July this summer to a friend’s cabin to fish. I’m looking forward to snorkeling for scallops, and anything else you’d recommend. Could you share any thoughts about this area? Thanks! Cindy



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