about maria & rob

How two people could come from opposite worlds and end up in the same town, living on the same boat is a mystery to both of us. But we’re glad it happened.

Both transplants to Ketchikan, Alaska, Maria is from the the Hoosier state of Indiana and Rob is from the sunny coast of Queensland, Australia.

Maria loves Mexican food, earrings, mountains, and using a fork to eat every meal (even pizza). She hates single use plastic, being cold, and the fact that there is no good Mexican food in Alaska. She also has no idea what “the cloud” is and gets confused when people talk about it.



Rob recently started wearing glasses. He also loves rum, harvesting food, peanut M&M’s, and wearing flip flops even when it’s too cold to wear flip flops. He dislikes people from New Zealand and can’t stand it when Maria makes them late to things.


They formerly dwelled on a lovely 30 foot cabin cruiser, named Bundy after Rob’s favorite rum, Bundaberg. Told you he loves rum. They have a mutual love of sauces and condiments and even wear matching shoes (except when Rob wears flip flops when it’s too cold to wear flip flops). Together they enjoy eating delicious homemade meals, playing cribbage, and talking for hours about everything except politics. They now reside mostly on land (it rains 13 ft. a year in Ketchikan so you’re never REALLY on dry ground) so the blog has evolved to include life on solid ground in the Last Frontier.


We hope you enjoy reading about our life (formerly) afloat!



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