The Kitchen Situation

As I sit here writing this post, dinner is simmering on the stovetop and it seemed like a perfect opportunity to reflect on the many adventures of boat cooking. I’d like to say that I’m in the clear for dinner tonight, but with boat cooking, you’re never really in the clear until the food is on the plate. Because boat cooking is hard. Boat cooking makes me so frustrated sometimes that I feel like ripping my hair out and eating that instead because it would be easier than boat cooking. The kitchen situation/lack of kitchen situation has probably been the most challenging thing about living on a boat. Some boat kitchens are probably really nice and very normal, but our “kitchen” consists of a small countertop, a mini fridge, a sink (no hot water though), some cabinets for food storage, and various small appliances that are jammed into a little cubby hole because there’s not enough room for them to actually stay on the counter.

the boat "kitchen"

the kitchen situation

Over the past few months on the boat, I’ve perfected many techniques in boat cooking but not without much trial and much more error. Don’t get me wrong, my handsome boatmate and I eat some pretty delicious meals and have an abundance of fresh seafood to dine one. Somehow, it always works out, but not without the occasional breakdown and shedding of tears. I’m not even kidding- I have actually cried several times while cooking.

A huge challenge with the kitchen situation is that it’s made me crave ice cream way more than I’ve ever craved ice cream before. It’s not because I actually want more ice cream, but since I no longer have a freezer to store it in, I FEEL like I want ice cream all the freaking time. The mini fridge technically has a freezer, but it’s a joke freezer. You could fit maybe an ice cream bar in there, but by no means could you store an actual container of ice cream.

“The list” has also proved challenging when it comes to boat cooking. If you’re at all boaty, you know that when a boat is listing, it means it’s basically leaning one way or the other. The list is great in some cooking instances i.e. when you’re frying an egg and it all goes to one side of the pan and you don’t have to worry about it spreading out all over the place. But other scenarios are more difficult. Rice, for example. Up until I begrudgingly purchased a rice cooker out of pure frustration a few weeks ago, rice was my worst enemy. Imagine the rice sitting in the pot and half of it is out of the water. It was impossible to get evenly and fully cooked rice.

Another big issue- the mini fridge. Both my handsome boatmate and I are avid sauce lovers. In a normal fridge, all the door space is for sauces, but our tiny dorm room style fridge has gotten to a point where it is mostly just a place to store our sauces. Left-overs? No room, too many sauces. Imagine going grocery shopping and returning home to find that there is no where to put your perishables because your sauce collection has maxed out fridge space. Welcome to my life.

Sauce central


I would say the two best feelings in the world are 1.) eating and 2.) overcoming a challenge. Dinnertime on the boat just so happens to be both of those feelings, but positivity aside, the kitchen situation still sucks. It doesn’t just suck when you’re trying to cook but also when you’re trying to clean up from cooking. As mentioned earlier, we don’t have hot water on the boat. This means that doing the dishes is a big ordeal. It involves boiling the water then pouring it into the sink…all this SOUNDS surprisingly simple but surprisingly isn’t. Pouring boiling water into the sink obviously requires some cooling time. You’d be surprised how often it happens that you take the time to boil water and are literally just waiting around for the water to boil then it finally boils and you pour it in the sink then totally forget it’s there.  Eventually, after you are completely wrapped up in watching “How I Met Your Mother”, you suddenly remember the boiling water you waited on forever. And now it’s super cold. OOPS.

Boat cooking really has challenged me in ways nothing else has challenged me before. I really grown to love cooking and figuring out new ways to prepare it is a delicious, delicious thrill. At the same time, it sucks.

Delicious and frustrating. Such is life, I suppose.

So friends, I could choose to just say “Until next time, float on” and end this post now but I think it’s about time I share this video. It kind of has to do with this post because it is literally a video of me boat cooking, but it mostly just has to do with me being a big, fat loser. For Christmas, I got a GoPro. Rob and I were also gifted this amazing product called the “Sushezi” as in, sushi-easy. One lonely day on the boat, I decided to practice using my GoPro, practice using the Sushezi, and practice using iMovie to make videos. It wasn’t intended to be used for anything really, but after showing it to those closest to me, I was told that this can’t be kept a secret.

Without further adieu, enjoy “The Sushi Movie.”

After that, I guess there are no other words other than, until next time, float on.